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Swirl Wines cordially invites you to join us for an exceptional, premium #WineWednesday tasting like no other, with Perdeberg Wines, hosted by Natalie Kuhne, the winemaker behind the magic! ✨

Nestled at the foothills of the majestic Paardeberg Mountain in Paarl, Perdeberg Cellar boasts a rich history that dates back to 1941. The winery’s name, Perdeberg, pays homage to the enchanting Cape Mountain zebras that once roamed the Paardeberg region. 🦓
What sets Perdeberg wines apart is their commitment to dry land vines. These unirrigated vineyards, flourishing in challenging conditions, produce small berries bursting with concentrated flavours and colours. The result? Exceptional wines that captivate the senses. 🌿
With over 3000 hectares of vineyards spanning the picturesque Paarl and Swartland regions, Perdeberg benefits from diverse microclimates and soil types. This natural variation allows them to craft a wide range of wines, each with its own unique qualities and character. From the vineyard to the cellar, the artistry, intuition, and science behind Perdeberg wines converge to create genuinely exceptional bottles. 💫

Join us for an unforgettable lineup of wines:

🥂 Perdeberg MCC (welcome drink)
🍷 Dry Land Collection Rossouw’s Heritage
🍷 Vineyard Collection Sauvignon Blanc
🍷 Dry Land Collection Barrel Fermented Chenin Blanc
🍷 Vineyard Collection Grenache Noir
🍷 Vineyard Collection Malbec
🍷 Dry Land Collection Joseph’s Legacy
🍷 Perdeberg Endura Red

The event starts at 18:30 on Wednesday, 28 June 2023.



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